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March 2018

Want to protect your income but can’t prove your earnings?

If you want to protect your income but can’t prove your earnings we at LightBlue might just have the answer!   If you are recently self...

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February 2018

Can I get insurance for an accident in the snow?

The current snowy weather has had us thinking about the increased likelihood of an accident on the way into or from work and wondered if there were...

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February 2018

Income Protection for Diabetics

If you are one of the estimated 4 million diabetics in the UK then you’ve been struggling to get Income Protection cover. If so, then...

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December 2017

12 Dangers of Christmas

The following Christmas dangers could make all the difference to your mindfulness over the festive season.   1. Christmas Decorations Decorating...

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November 2017

The Hunger Games: Why insurers should forget fasting medical tests.

Traditionally insurers have requested fasting glucose and lipids but we think it’s time to forget fasting, writes Square Health’s Dr Anne...

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November 2017

15% off life cover and £250 cashback over 2 years with Vitality’s Indexed Whole of Life cover and an Optimiser.

We’re delighted to announce that Vitality is offering an additional 15% off their Indexed Whole of Life policies for the life of the plan, when...

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July 2017

How much should I be saving for an illness or an injury?

How much you should be saving for an illness or an injury is an open-ended question. How long do you think you might be off work due to an illness or...

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May 2017

What is Short-term income protection?

Short-term income protection (STIP) is a form of income protection (IP) that pays out for a set period of time, usually between 12 to 24 months, or...

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March 2017

Over 4 million self-employed people do not have a back-up plan if they were unable to work.

The number of self-employed in the UK is now estimated to be 4.79 million – 15.1% of the workforce.   If you are in one of the two thirds...

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