Can I get insurance for an accident in the snow?

27 Feb 2018

The current snowy weather has had us thinking about the increased likelihood of an accident on the way into or from work and wondered if there were more people wondering “Can I get insurance for an accident?”. The real question should be “What would we do if I had an accident that made it impossible to carry out my job for a period of time?”.


Fortunately, working in the Protection Insurance industry meant we have accident insurance and so should we find ourselves unable to perform our regular role we would receive a monthly income that’s sufficient to cover our outgoings and have a bit left over. Some of us had even maxed their insurance out at 70% of their gross income.


Watching the traffic stream past our window and the number of trade vans passing by had us thinking of the millions of self-employed traders who most certainly do not have a workplace sick pay scheme they were able to claim on. They certainly need it, not just for snow but for the myriad of opportunities they have for hurting themselves – from the miles of driving they do to the specific workplace accidents they’re exposed to just doing their job.


Even those with workplace sick pay schemes may not be covered for long enough and would benefit from a their own plan that kicks in as their employer’s stop.


Having seen the dangers this week and knowing the benefits of accident cover we would urge everyone out there to assess their situation with regard to how they would survive without an income for a protracted period of time and to investigate the options available to protect themselves from such an event. For more information check our website or call us on 01702 719625.


One last word of warning, apologies for all the doom and gloom today, be careful of policies online. Without independent advice the policies are only underwritten at point of claim and not at the outset of the policy, resulting in many claims not being paid out. They are also written to only pay out if you unable to perform any occupation rather than your own occupation; have exclusions for the most common complaints; as well as being reviewable rather than guaranteed meaning your premium could suffer aggressive increases every 12 months rather than remaining constant.


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