Customer Feedback

Knowing you’ve chosen the right protection solution is only achieved if you have received professional advice. There are many Protection providers and each has their own specialisations or exclusions which means policies taken out online or without independent advice are often not paid out. These are some of our customer’s that found our free advice invaluable and can live today knowing they have safeguarded their future.

Mark Tempest

I first spoke with Ben Mason when I went self employed in June 2015. I wanted to purchase an accident and sickness plan which I was told was a...

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Sharon Hughes

Lightblue provided an efficient and professional service, always considering my requirements throughout the process.   I found John McFadden to...

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Fernando Fernandez

My name is Fernando and I was looking for income insurance.   After a research in the market I contacted Light Blue, and Mr Richard Martin...

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Gail Hamer

Ziad was very professional courteous. He e-mailed straight away in response to be query introducing himself and we arranged a convenient day and...

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Olivia Scott

Graham was exceedingly helpful and gave me all of the information I required in a timely and well-mannered way.

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Ramona Vizitiu

I had a great experience dealing with Ziad, he had a lot of patience and explained to me all the details about my insurance, kept in touch at all...

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Jean-Pierre Doggett

I have found Ben to be attentive, responsive and flexible which has made it much easier for me to tailor my life insurance requirements.

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Mary Murphy

Martin Window helped me to find and secure the life and mortgage cover policy I wanted.   I would thoroughly recommend him to friends and family...

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Amy Corcoran

I recently submitted an online request with an enquiry on income insurance. My work doesn’t give me sick pay so I needed some insurance to make...

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