Amy Corcoran

25 Jan 2017

I recently submitted an online request with an enquiry on income insurance. My work doesn’t give me sick pay so I needed some insurance to make sure I can pay the bills. I expected a quote of £40-£50 per month to come back to me in a week or two, however I was contacted that same day by Ben who was amazing.


He emailed me to find out what time suited me best and called me when he said he would. He was really easy to chat to and made the whole thing very easy to understand.


He arranged insurance for me through a company that provided insurance to someone with my health issues (I’ve previously had issues with a kidney and cancer and have had numerous operations and medical procedures).


Because of my history I was expecting high monthly payments or no available cover but Ben sorted it out for me. I now have great income insurance for just over £20 a month.


Amazing service and amazing prices! I’m extremely happy!