Mary’s Income Protection Claim

20 Jan 2017

Behind every claim is a person. Here’s Mary’s Income Protection claim story.


“I recently started work as a care-worker after years spent in an office job. I took out an income protection policy with The Exeter when I got married; as the main breadwinner in my relationship it was important to me that I was financially secure if my health ever let me down.


After many years without claiming, in December 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, following a routine mammogram. This was a bolt out of the blue – I felt fit and healthy and had absolutely no idea I was ill.


This was the first time I had claimed on my policy and I was so grateful and relieved that I had some cover – without it I’m not sure how we would have made ends meet.
I have now completed my cancer treatment and returned to work, in a less physical role and with reduced working hours.


The Exeter have been very good in supporting me throughout this time. They could have stopped my claim when I returned to work but agreed to continue paying my monthly benefit for several months longer in the hope that I would be able to find less exhausting work.


Although I haven’t been lucky so far, their support has been a ray of good fortune and unexpected kindness.


I believe I am in the minority when it comes to insuring myself against life’s unexpected events. We insure our homes against all sorts of disasters and I cannot understand why more people do not insure themselves.


Peace of mind is worth so much and I am relieved I had the good sense to take out an income protection policy and keep it.”


This is a real life case study, but Mary is not her real name.


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