Marianne Piggin

13 May 2017

I found using Light Blue really helpful, definitely the best way for us.


I had carried out some research prior to speaking to Bob on line about different income protection, life insurance policies but found it very confusing with numerous to choose from. I spoke to two insurance companies directly but they just confused me further and spoke far to quickly!!


Bob was able to explain the different options, pros and cons of each and help find the most appropriate polices for us.


It also saved us time, as busy working parents, having time to research and find best prices is not always an option, Bob did all of that for us, presented us with options and quotes. We spoke by phone, communicated by email a couple of times and it was all done and dusted within a week, 10 days. Something which I have been meaning to do for months and months to safeguard my family took days thanks to Blue Light!


I would highly recommend them.