James Bundock

18 Dec 2018

After initially be somewhat reticent about engaging with someone in my quest to find a new or revised deal on my income protection plan (thinking I could do it myself!) but decided to speak with Richard once it became clear that not all was as straight forward as I hoped it would be.


Richard spoke to me at length about how the company works and what it looks to do for its clients and how before going through my requirements and circumstances. He kept me informed at all stages of the process and when he had questions or results to show me, he took me through each of them slowly and clearly.


After coming up with an initial set of policies and some recommendations, I complicated it by changing the requirements a little and Richard went off and did the work and revised it all. We managed to find something suitable and competitive that was easy to understand and access and something of which I’d never have found had I been looking for it.


Richard was friendly and willing to help at all times and was professional and diligent throughout in providing me with what I needed. I’d not hesitate to return in future to Lightblue and Richard for financial assistance and advice.