Airline Pilots Income Protection Insurance

As a pilot, maintaining excellent health is crucial for carrying out your regular flight duties. Unlike typical office workers, numerous factors could hinder your ability to work, making comprehensive protection essential. Many pilots opt for Income Protection Insurance to safeguard their income in case of illness or injury.


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NB all providers will offer different monthly amounts, ranging from 50% - 70% of your gross annual income. 
The deferred period in income protection refers to the amount of time you must wait after becoming unable to work due to illness or injury before you start receiving benefit payments from your insurance policy.

At Lightblue Online, we specialise in working with pilots across various airlines, guiding them towards the most suitable insurance options. Many pilots find that Income Protection offers more comprehensive coverage compared to the more familiar Loss of Licence Insurance.


Income Protection for pilots ensures financial stability by providing a regular, tax-free monthly income if you’re unable to work due to an accident or sickness. This coverage typically pays up to 60% of your gross salary, enabling you to meet essential expenses such as rent or mortgage, bills, utilities, and groceries. Moreover, leading insurers like Liverpool Victoria and British Friendly have high claim approval rates, offering reassurance during challenging times.


Unlike Loss of Licence Insurance, Income Protection covers a broader range of conditions that could prevent you from flying, ensuring financial security regardless of your licence status. Additionally, Income Protection considers pre-existing medical conditions, providing tailored coverage based on individual health histories.


While standard exclusions apply, such as injuries from criminal activities or substance abuse, Income Protection offers flexibility in addressing pre-existing conditions. By working closely with top UK insurers, we negotiate favourable terms, ensuring comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs, even in the presence of existing medical conditions.


We understand the importance of making an informed decision when choosing between Loss of Licence Cover and Income Protection. To assist pilots in this decision-making process, we’ve outlined the core differences between the two policies:


– Payout Format: Income Protection offers a regular tax-free monthly income, whereas Loss of Licence Cover typically provides a lump sum or monthly income for a limited period.


– Claim Requirements: Income Protection pays out if you’re medically unable to work, whereas Loss of Licence Cover requires your licence to be suspended or revoked.


– Cover: Income Protection covers a wide range of accidents and sicknesses, ensuring financial stability regardless of licence status, while Loss of Licence Cover is specifically tied to your ability to maintain a pilot’s licence.


Considering the stringent health requirements for pilots and the potential financial impact of illness or injury, Income Protection serves as a vital safety net. By evaluating your individual circumstances, including factors like cover amount, deferred period, and benefit period, we help you tailor a comprehensive Income Protection plan that provides peace of mind throughout your career.