First time buyer?

27 Oct 2016

When you took out your mortgage you were, I hope, advised that you take out insurance to ensure the mortgage can still be paid should one of you be unable to contribute to the mortgage payments.


You’re probably invincible so you don’t need any type of personal protection insurance, you’re the best driver on the road and easily avoid all the other idiots allowed two or four wheels to get from A to B. You never have accidents, your house is fire and theft proof, built on a rock a long way from any water.  You are absolutely key to the running of the Business you are in, which is extremely well run and in a bullet-proof industry.  No worries.


If one or more of the above isn’t true then consider a) which is the most likely to occur, and b) which would have the biggest impact on your life. When you’ve done that identify the gaps in your protection and give LightBlue Online a call. For less than you think you can live for today safe in the knowledge you’ve safeguarded your future.